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10k Pb 42:19 for a master

Posted: Sun May 29, 2022 4:28 am
by runkona
Phew, it’s the end of the day and still the lower hamstrings are tight as a violin string. I put it down to the Newton running shoes with those lugs. Normally on road Hoka is the default but I choose light weight and to force myself more fwd stance getting weight over the front to propel me along.
It sorta work I run pb, 42:19. At 6:51mins/mi: 4:15mins/km I was happy seeing 7:40 pace at times, but I had to remind myself I’m 8 yrs older with 4yrs off from serious running, 3mths into getting things reassembling itself .
Phew…to go sub 7:00 mins /4:30 pace it just did not seem like it was possible training on the treadmill. The paces and perceived efforts are quite off the pace to real world.

I have another month to the next race, this time to up the stamina to get half marathon pace that reasonably close to tinman running calculator of 1:33.