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Totally New to masters track 800m

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:20 am
by Bridug
Hi All
Quite new to regular running (2 yrs) and very new to track (9 months)
No history of running but played soccer until 40yrs. Now aged 42yrs.
Decided to join my father (72yrs) at the indoor uk Nationals in 400m and 800m earlier this year.

Fantastic experience but I was if course nowhere near competitive! My dad however meddled twice!

My PRs...
400m 57.6 i
800m 2:14
5k 18:13
10k 37:55
HM 1:24:57

Next target for me is sub 2:10 for 800m. Would really appreciate a steer on the best approach? Also, I can't work out if I'm a 400/800 'type' or not?

Anyway, great to be able to talk to any Masters who have experience of this stuff..
PS- I understand that we are talking yrs and not months to make improvements!