5K Time Trial

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5K Time Trial

Post by runkona » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:13 pm

for those reading this forum and this post: I've made some past posts concerning about working with the concept of using the TM methods and today I can pass on some praise once again.

At 47yo I had been prevented from running since Jan 09 when I qualified for Boston, that following year was when sign up sold out in 8hrs!! (remember), well regretfully a spin class and damage to the minicus prevented me running for nearly 2yrs. Anyway got it fixed and with some good aerobic base in cycling, then back to training I took up the CV concept and used it twice a week, plus training for triathlons.  In 4mths I have in the past been pleased with some sub 40 mins 10k's. namely 38:15.

Pleased to report my first 5k tt 18:02 on w/end....maybe sub 18 had the other master runners on the track kept to the right side of the lane rather than me taking the outside to pass...of course I could have run a little faster too. I could not belive the spring in track. In the opening 1200m  had to keep checking my pace from over speeding 5:30. Up to now most of my running had been of the treadmill. It must have been an extra 20s per mile faster running that track. Just pleased to know that the patience is now rewarding me. So over the next 5mths, Tinman and I will be working towards getting my  half marathon times down from the current 1:27:xx.

Good luck everyone wishing to take up the TM training...it does work. Just give yourself some time. One day your really put a smile on your face from the results. And remember age is just a number after your name.

and the splits:
lap1 5:42  HR151
lap2 5:50      160
lap3 5:47      165
lap4 5:44      169
lap5 5:42      171
finish line .....173

Age is just a number after your name

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Re: 5K Time Trial

Post by Wellpark » Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:53 am

Hey Runkona,

Great stuff - what a turn around. Relax and enjoy the journey.....

It's always good to hear positive feedback and see people come back from injury doing well.

Keep us posted.

Muchos Kudos!


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Re: 5K Time Trial

Post by dkggpeters » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:02 pm

I do a lot of my CV work on the treadmill so I can regulate the pace and not run them to fast and do them at the right intensity.  Some people balk at the thought of using the TM but it can be a valuable tool.

Is there a reason that you are doing most of your running on the TM?  I will not do tempos on them as I believe having to hold pace on long sessions is critical for marathoning success.

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