Race updates and feedback.

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Race updates and feedback.

Post by runkona » Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:54 pm

FWIW, pleased with the lastest results just to hand. Despite the past week of low volume and specific testing for swimming - biking and running three days ina row for each decipline; testing run CV, bike FTP and the swim threshold. The past weekend the reward was a first place in a small sprint triathlon. Mind you on the surface it would seem reading this post not much of a big deal. However it's 11mths ago since knee surgery and prior to this, 20mths off running because of the knee injury...due to a strain caused by spin classes (another story). Anyhow, wished to share my good fortunes and post publicly my appreciation working with Tom. (thanks Tom) and this posts makes up for a crappy day at work too.

The last three sprint triathlons have either been 5k or 6k runs of the bike of 20 or 25k. So over the last 5 weeks from the oldest to the lastest the run times minute/mile:....drum roll please.....

week 1: Half ironman race (100+F ) XX:XX (too embassed to tell)
week 2      6:13 6K
week 3  no racing
week 4      6:19 5K
last w/end 6:17 6K

The last two weekends are not very interesting on paper but it just so happens week 2, I had ridden nearly 3.5hrs at a 75-95% effort, so next day being race day some very tired legs. and the bike used was heavier and one less top cog available. Though this bike did make up for a very comfortable ride to perhaps saved the legs for a fair run time.
Lots of CV running no time for long runs and recover runs of 50-60 mins amongst the swimming and biking too (of course). The goal over the next 4 mths is a sub 6 mins 5k off the bike.

Once again to those reading this post and wondering about the effectiveness of following the Tinman method, just another post confirming it results come over time.... And injury free for 8mths too.

Having fun playing with two race bikes, seeing how much work volume I can play, what works and doesn't, with the goal to see how it affects my run times.

regards M
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