Help with Proper Tapering

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Help with Proper Tapering

Post by Riggers » Tue Oct 22, 2019 11:55 am

I have 3 daughters that are in high school running cross together. For about 3 or 4 years now all my girls have talked about is winning their state championship as sisters. Since they run for a small school in Texas our race is 3200m. Our local school doesn't do much summer training (starts at 11 mpw and works it's way up to 21 by the end of July). All of which is done voluntarily and on their own. In August the coach takes over and they'll do about 15-20 mpw until the state championship. The school has done very well on this low mileage program but my girls decided they wanted to put in extra this summer so they could give themselves the best chance of winning together. I.E. all of them making the team AND winning state.

This leads me to my question. The girls decided to run with a larger school over the summer that had actual workouts and that got them up to: senior, 35 mpw, sophomore and freshman 30 mpw. The senior ended up dropping herself to 30 mpw when the school year started because she didn't want to have to go off on lone runs without her sisters. Their weeks have looked like
Monday-AM 4.5m for time/ PM 2 miles easy
Tuesday- AM 3m of tempo/speed plus 1/2 warmup, PM-2 m easy
Wednesday- AM 30 mins SUPER easy, PM-2 miles easy
Thursday- AM 2 miles of intervals, 1/2m warmup, PM off
Friday- AM swim, PM off
Saturday- race day 2 miles race, .5 warmup
Sunday- 8 miles (long run)

The only thing they've done to the coaches schedule is that 8 mile long run on Sundays to keep themselves close to 30 mpw.

Our state meet is Nov. 9th. The coach started tapering them a month out from state. Dropping the 2 mile afternoon workouts AND the Wednesday 30 mins easy. The girls then began running random distances in the afternoons to make up for the missed miles. The thing is the girls have no idea WHEN and by HOW MUCH to taper. They just said that the "other" coach they were running with this summer said to taper 2 weeks out from their goal race. I think their school coach was tapering for district. The girls think if they keep their mileage up through 2 weeks to state then that will give them the best chance to win state. I guess they feel confident about regional... The "other" coach is busy with his real team now and I think the girls are afraid their school coach will get mad if he finds out they have been running extra.

For reference regionals is on Monday, October 28th. State is Saturday, Nov. 9th. And so far this week the coach shortened the Monday AM run to a 3.3mile run for time. And Tuesday morning to 2 miles of speedwork.

Can someone tell me when they think the taper should actually begin and by how much?

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Re: Help with Proper Tapering

Post by sup03 » Wed Jan 08, 2020 2:16 pm

Don't taper. keep the ball rolling. Your running 30 miles a week so tapering isn't really something you should be looking at. There is a lot with this training that I don't like personally but I'll keep those comments to myself. If it works for them, then great. I wouldn't taper though, especially a month out from competition. Maybe the week of competition do some easier runs with a couple striders after, but your already in the low mileage range.
I realize my reply is very late, How did they do?

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