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400/800 Training

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:39 pm
by hou-kago tea time
Hey All, new here.
I'm an aspiring 400/800 guy(27) looking for a good program to follow to get me to my goals of sub 2 in the 8 and whatever 400 time goes along with that. I saw a post about a good in season workout plan for the 800 is something like once a week do 3-4 x 1000 at CV then 3-4 x 300 @ 800 pace and the other hard day either a race or a tempo and 5x300. Is that a good plan for me? Also, should I do the 800 pace repeats at my goal pace of 2:00 or my current PR of 2:08?
Also, Would a workout of 3-4 x 1000 + 3-4 x 150 @ 400 pace be an equivalent workout worth doing to work 400m pace?