Bulging discs and running, recovery?

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Bulging discs and running, recovery?

Post by rgurleyjr » Fri Mar 09, 2018 7:51 pm

Hey all,

Will try and keep this short but could use some advice.

Started having sciatic pain in butt in October. Got so bad only when bending down I went to sports chiropractor who said piriformis syndrome and did art.

After the first treatment, I had significant pain reduction and kept going till late jan when the pain came back but then started moving into my calf at times. The pain in both spots were never consistent.

Sometime in Feb I noticed slight foot numbness, pins and needles not full blown numb. Pain in calf would come and go. Chiropractor ordered MRI.

Went and showed 3 bulging lumbar discs, one with small tear. When chiropractor went over results, he only read from radiologist report and never looked at images his self even tho he told me would. When I asked questions , he said no running, lower body, or ab work or low back work. Said come see him for adjustments and get another MRI in 6 months. He did not recommend stretching, pt, nothing.

Needless to say, I have a second opinion scheduled for this Monday where I need confirmation and better direction. In addition to have been running 40mpw, I lifted heavy weight upper body that I dropped as well as running. The MRI images shows 2 decent size bulge, but third is small if at all.

I have little pain moe at all, just slight tingly foot and very little pain in calf and glute. No pain to run, walk, stairs, nothing. Assuming the 1st mri is correct, any one have an idea on when I could do any running again at All? It is my therapy and this sucks.

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