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breathe capacity and feeling of "no breath" in lower legs

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 3:19 pm
by lpaulick
I will be 60 years old in July 2016. I have been running long and consistent since 19, started at 10 years old. I am a triathlete, having 10 Ironman races including 5 Hawaii World Championships and lotsa other races on my legs. My running team won USATF Master Women's Nationals for both x-country and road in 2016. I add this ancillary and stupid-sounding information just to say that my body has held up quite nicely for quite some time. And suddenly this year, something (not just my age) has changed in a super-strange way.

What I mean by "no breath" is that my body feels, all over but most intensely in my lower legs and feet, like there is no air getting into the cells such that I feel terrible running right now. In fact, I stopped for a while. This is accompanied by actual lack of breathing capacity. I don't appear to have asthma or other actual issues with my lungs/lung capacity. A couple of hopefully helpful hints are that my season began in December 2015, which is outlandishly early for me, and I was doing so much more speed and so early in the year, along with racing, that coincidental or not, I really began feeling difficulty getting enough breath and simultaneously having a lot of cramping and calf problems. Second hint is that I'd begun wearing Hoka Challengers on the road (eek) because they provided so much more cushion and I'd thought that might help. It seemed to make it worse over a couple of months, but hey, this is June 5...that was early March. I haven't worn those shoes in a month or more. I wear the Adidas Boost series, next hint. So extra speed, different shoes, overdistance...those are a few possibly relevant side issues. The last thing is that I smoke pot at night to go to sleep, because I just don't sleep much or at all otherwise. Any ideas, folks?? THANKS

Re: breathe capacity and feeling of "no breath" in lower leg

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:04 am
by Tchuck
Sounds like overtraining to me unless you have something else medically going on?? Anemia or other issues?. I think rest will serve you well.