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Marathon Training and Race - sub 2.25

Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 2:58 am
by London RUNNER
I have a marathon approaching and up until recently my goal was to try and break my personal best of 2.29 (2011 - have not run one since), however the last weeks my training has started to move in the right direction and I'm unsure at what pace to go out at.

The last few weeks I've ran

4 x 5 km off 3 minutes recovery, avg. 16.45
3 x 3 miles off 3 minutes recovery with the miles getting progressively quicker (1st 3 mile effort 5.19, 5.09, 5.04) (2nd 5.27, 5.16, 5.03) (3rd 5.27, 5.16, 4.59).
20 x 400m off 30 seconds/100m jog in 74s

I've run 6 x 20 mile runs between 6.20-6.45 miles. Avg 70 miles the past 10 weeks (big session on Saturday 13-16 miles, long run on Sunday, the other days I'm running once between 7 - 12 miles).

Maybe the above suggests slower than sub 2.30. I would appreciate thoughts and advice, should I aim to go through in 70-72 or be sensible and aim to go through in 75.


Re: Marathon Training and Race - sub 2.25

Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 3:18 pm
by Tinman
London Runner,

Training questions are typically answered in the "Coaching Talk" tab of The Run Zone. Please cut and paste your question over there and we'll be glad to offer advice to you.

(Tom Schwartz, administrator)