Sub 3 Marathon Goal - 12 Weeks Out

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Sub 3 Marathon Goal - 12 Weeks Out

Post by thomas25 » Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:18 pm

I start my 12 weeks of marathon training next week for an April 27 marathon. My background - 36 yo, running for 3 years, no physical activity 15 years prior to that. I didn't start at 5k/10ks, instead I went from couch to HM in 6 months just working on extending the long run in 2011. Ran a few more HMs in 2012 to 1:31 PR. 2013 - 3 marathons last year- 3:08:29 PR in May 2013 on Pfitzinger 18/55. Peaked at 55 mpw for the final two races - bonked/cramped at Lehigh Valley in the late summer (1:33/2:04). Ran a 1:27 HM last October and targeted 3:08 at Philly marathon. Bonk/cramping again (1:34/1:48) splits. I've spent the past 8 weeks addressing endurance and building up my base from 60 to 80 mpw (rotating 1 tempo/1 set of hill repeats every 2 weeks, everything else easy). The bump in mileage has been niggle-free. I just time-trialed a 59 flat 15K this week. Hopefully this suggests some gains in fitness. Since I've never focused on a 5k/10k cycle, my 19 flat 5K predictably doesn't line up to this 15K, so I still have no speed. I do plan to focus on 5k/10k after this marathon cycle.

So, for the final 12 weeks, I'd like to stay at 70-85 mpw with one mid-week workout and rotating the long run every week between a 3 hr 22mi aerobic run, taking no carbs, to work on fat burning and then an 18 or 20 mi long run with MP miles building up from 8 MP miles to 16 MP miles 4 weeks out. For the mid-week workout, next 6 weeks, I'm thinking of addressing my vo2max deficiencies by doing 6x800, 5x1000, stuff like that. Should I also throw in 10K workouts like 6x1mi and 10x1000 or just focus on vo2max for 6 weeks? The next 4 weeks I'm thinking lactate threshold runs at 1 hr race pace. I'm racing an HM 3 weeks out on a 2-day taper. I'll target sub-3 FM if I go sub-1:24 HM. Sub-1:25 HM, who knows, maybe sub3 is still possible. Anything over 1:25 and sub3 is off. And then taper 2 weeks. 10 days out from race was going to try the Yasso 800s +5 min for a final FM predictor but that could be a colossal failure given my lack of shorter distance racing experience.

Thoughts? Thank you in advance.

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Re: Sub 3 Marathon Goal - 12 Weeks Out

Post by dkggpeters » Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:06 pm

Post in the Coaching section as not many folks come into the other forums.  This way you will get a lot more responses.

Your 59 flat 15K puts you just under 3 hrs.  It sounds like you have major problems in the second half of the marathon.  Your mileage should should help.  If I was you I wouldn't do any VO2 Max work and would try doing 2 big workouts a week as follows:

Do a midweek MLR (11 to 15 miles) with either tempo miles (build up to 6 or 7 miles) or CV work 6 x 1K + 4 x 200m (don't be tryiing to do 66 x 1 mile or 10 x 1K as this is way too much volume for you) at mile pace with 200m jog recoveries.  You can alternate doing a tempo one week and CV the next week.  Every other weekend I would do some MP work in the long runs.  Building up to 16 miles is too much for you.  I would build up to 10 or 12 miles max and do them after running 8 to 10 miles which will make them pretty tough.  With 12 weeks to go would mean you have about 10 training weeks giving you 5 MP runs if you do them every other week.  Start with 4 or 5 miles and build up to 10 to 12 miles.  You can break them up into intervals when you are building up ( ie 3 x 3 miles with 1/2 to 1 mile recovery, 4-3-2 with 1/2 to 1 mile recovery).  The rest of your runs during the week will be either easy or very easy.

Since you are running a half you can use this as your last MP session.

To me, yassos are not a very good predictor workout.  Doing 20 with 10 to 12 at MP is as it is similar to racing a marathon while doing 800's is not even close.  Different systems are used.  Also,  you don't need a lot of speed to run a good marathon.  Endurance and Stamina is much more important.
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