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Molly Huddle 3rd at NYC marathon

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:20 pm
by dilluh
Molly Huddle took 3rd in her marathon debut today looking very strong all the way to the end. In fact, if she had another 800m to race, she would've caught the second place Kenyan as she was charging hard to try to catch her in the final mile.

I think Molly Huddle is the future of women's marathoning in the US. Why? First, I think her track/road career shows she has the talent required. Second, she kept her head in this race and did not jump during the first surge put on by Mary Keittany quite early on. She ran HER race and reeled in 3rd place and almost second in the final 10k - it reminded me a lot of Desi Linden's style of racing. That shows a lot of intelligence and patience for a first time marathoner.

The other thing that stuck out is she had 11 weeks from the end of the olympics where she ran an American record in the 10,000m to NYC. Tinman's adage that 10k training is fantastic pre-marathon training is dead on. I think more marathoners could have success by adding variety to their schedules and run shorter road races and/or XC that work 10k-type (well trained high-end aerobic endurance) systems before performing a marathon build up. I'm wondering if we'll see a few more elites start to move toward a slightly shorter buildup (perhaps 10 weeks is better for many?). Huddle just looked so full of run at the end of the race. I think her future in the marathon is bright.