Belmar 5 mile

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Belmar 5 mile

Post by Trackrunner220 » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:29 pm

So this summer I hired Joe (Jman) to be my private coach because I felt like his style suited what I need the most.

After a few weeks of being at 50-55 miles doing various types of workouts I decided to run the 5 mile I run every year(well the past 2 years)

first time- 32:53 (45-50 miles a week)
Second time- 33:53 (65 miles a week)
This time I ran my personnel best 30:38...My PR for 5 miles (previous best was 3039).

I have been training hard a lot even twice a day, and I ran my best in Mid July compared to Mid October. I also have only been training under Jman from around May 26th to today.

I got 69/1400 male runners.

Thought I would just update everyone after another lackluster track season in college with a SB of 2:09(sophmore college) about 4 seconds off my Junior year (HS) PB of 2:05...

Now I am running 8 miles at 6:40 pace after a hard morning workout. After never been able to really run 8 miles at 7 min pace just a few months ago.

Hope everyone else has a great summer racing season and can not wait to read about my fellow Run Zone friends have been doing
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Belmar 5 mile

Post by Tinman » Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:22 pm

Congratulations Trackrunner!

With hard track workouts in the morning and an 8 miler in the afternoon, you are building stamina. That's the type of thing I mentioned before I learned in high school; run a XC race in the morning and do a hilly 8 miler in the afternoon. It does work magic. It makes you very strong! Kudos to you for the p.r. and for sucking it up and doing some arduous training. Kudos to Jman for setting you on the right path, where dedication is the price of success. :) I believe you will set some additional p.r.'s, either this summer or next fall. Stay strong and enjoy the ride!!
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