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fast in intervals slow in races or tempos?

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:25 pm
Hello i mostly run 10k and halfmarathon. I have problem with training. In CV intervals i can run 5:35/km (4x1km) but i have problem with continous tempo. When i try to run Tinman long tempo run 40 min, my heart rate jums high after only 3km at tempo 6:40/km, from 3km to the end of training its survival mode. Everything like intervals 20x1 min training i run with avg tempo of 5:10/km (fast one) and that is much easier to me that running continously 40 min at Tinman tempo pace (6:40/km) which is at much slower pace. Do you have any advice how to train?
In the past i run 20 marathons but after ankle injury i am so slow and fat.