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Soccer kids running track too

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:01 pm
by mtummins
I have multiple guys running track and soccer. Soccer games are typically Tuesday and Fridays and practices after school. Our meets are usually Thursday or Friday . How would you adjust their training. I typically do long run on the weekend, 55 min run on Monday with striders, Tuesday big workout cvs or thresholds, Wednesday 55 min run with striders, Thursday pre meet. What would you guys suggest. I don’t want the kids do the hard work on tuesdays on game days. Both kids ran Xc 10th grader ran 16:50s and yesterday ran a 4:40 1600m just with one week of 30 min runs since he is coming over from swim. Other runner 9th grader 17:40 5k and 5:05 1600m yesterday .