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Battling treadmill boredom

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:36 am
by Mr.Jensen
Hi all

This winter in Scandinavia has been tough. Icy roads and gale winds etc. I have been doing some CV running on the treadmill, cause I just can't seem to find the motivation to do this outside in these conditions. It's mainly easy or easy tempo outside, for me.

Doing some kind of interval or frequent tempo shifting is the only way I can stand the treadmill. Otherwise it's just humdrum.

I came across this inspiration from Norwegian Marius Bakken: The TREADMILL LACTATE FLUSHING SESSION (sic!)
"Using his current lactate threshold as a starting point (roughly 25K race pace in his case), Bakken would float up and down in speed at predetermined intervals, going as fast as 4-mile race pace while recovering no slower than his marathon pace plus 10 seconds per mile (MP + :10). While the workout teaches pace control and works muscles in a number of ways, Bakken believes the biggest gain comes from keeping the recovery portions of the run up-tempo. You get a flushing effect of the lactate [system] when you go somewhat down but not all the way down to recovery pace," he says.

Bakken gives this example: 3 minutes at 25K pace; 2 minutes at MP + :10; 1 minute at 10K pace; 2 minutes at MP + :10; 2 minutes at marathon pace; 2 minutes at 25K pace; 2 minutes at 15K pace; 2 minutes at MP + :10; 1 minute at 4-mile pace; and so on for a duration suited to your fitness level.

This would combine some Easy tempo, tempo and a shade of CV-running. Sounds pretty fun to me. Think I'll write a little note with the paces and stick to the treadmill monitor, switch the brain off and just give it a go, perhaps for 30 min or so. Any words of caution from you guys? Seems to me like a decent and not too demanding workout.