Master triathlete training input

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Master triathlete training input

Post by runkona » Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:05 am

I'm 51 male with a 10 yrs triathlon short distance and mild permanent leg injury (drop foot) only a couple of marathons under the belt, I prefer HM for the best bang for buck time can give me. Of course triathlon training does eat into the spare available time.

Interesting how one year the next how training and racing loads progress. One year a solid training and racing , the next work throws a spanner into the timetable and that year becomes a mediocre year. Well this year the base training has been all running and cycling. lots of long runs consistant 90mins at steady pace, riding the day before in group ride around cat 3, or ave 39kph for 2.5-3hrs,

This summer (Australia) trying to push the pace where i can ride 50 miles/80k in about 2:11-2:15 and then run HM in 1:30. I have about 8 weeks left now, having started 4 weeks ago. One thing I have read was that solid consistent weekend training 12 weeks out from the race simulation the bike and run should do wonders to being well adapted for race day. My training is now all indoors using a bike trainer and treadmill, any outdoor runs and using easy days/recovery runs.

My enjoyment to share is the training on the specific bike course using computrainer I have been building from 60k (1.5hrs), to 70k (<2hrs) and now 75k/ 2hrs ie around 36-37kph at an intensity of 0.85-0.87. The fun is the run immediately following the bike on the treadmill initially started at Mafatone effort upper Z2 progressing to lower Z3 at 30mins then build this to 45mins, then go back to building the intensity of the runs where I am now running off the bike immediate at 7:15/4:30 pace. This workout is hard. 2hrs at race pace, then running +30s to +15s race pace.

Mentally hard running the treadmill but the satisfaction is seeing both HR slowly increasing from 139 to 154 over 45mins. Of course and I hope the satisfaction will come race day. In 10wks the temperature will no longer be 53F/12c but 26c/78F. In 4 weeks it has been an interesting evolution of training on Saturday mornings to be at 0.85 intensity for nearly 3hrs. Time is giving me plenty of analysis of data to locate the right intensity and balance in pacing. Now spring has sprung I have to get out the indoor swim trainer and start swimming.

This year I only need to hold a solid swim, then fingers crossed the above training regime will work. November 6 at 1pm I will know. In themean time I am just a geek to the numbers....I think we all do right. The whatifs....

Well I have slumbered in my pneumatic leg pumps recovering, time for some food and protein and thinks about tomorrows 15m/2 hr trail recovery run.

Happy trails...

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