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Upcoming webinar

Post by ap4305 » Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:40 am

TheRunZone friends,

I have been invited by USA Triathlon to present on the topic of strength training for female endurance athletes next Wednesday.  Good opportunity for any coaches needing Continuing Education Units with their certifying organizations.  Of course, we also hope to provide a few nuggets of useful information for personal enrichment even if you don't need CEU's!  Its marketed toward the triathlon crowd, but all the principles are transferable to running as well. 

Coaches and athletes have many variables to consider in designing strength training programs for endurance athletes.  One critical variable is gender.  With the female demographic being one of the fastest growing segments in multisport, coaches must understand the differences between female and male athletes to optimize training programs.  Self-coached female athletes can also learn principles to help translate programs that are often generically targeted for the male strength athlete.

In this webinar, Allan Phillips will cover the unique strength demands for female triathletes and distill the key principles for this specialized population.  Among the topics to be covered:

Unique physiological qualities of the female endurance athlete
Getting strong without getting bulky
Biomechanical differences between males and females
Pelvic floor: one of the leading contemporary topics in female strength and rehabilitation   
The psychology of training females in the gym
Strength for sport AND life

Complete webinar description and registration information are available via USA Triathlon at Webinar link:
http://www.usatriathlon.org/events/usat ... llips.aspx
Allan Phillips
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Tinman athlete since 2003
IG: @thekettlebelldoc

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